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Sunday November 10th 2010

Tinker Heavy Industries - Little Red Riding Hood
Walk and Tumble
Medium: Maya, Unity
Character Concept: Brodie Sullivan, Modeling: Kial Croon, Animation: James Hays, Color: Ed Hsu, Unity: Amir Hirsch & Ed Hsu



Sunday October 10th 2010

Just went through Precompression, BM Metropolis 2010, Decompression .. what can I say? I dig the importance of big visual arts. Thanks to all who have come to see me participate and showcase.

It's been a real blessing to work with talented and passionate individuals of all walks of life and all varities of strengths..
Photos documenting of some of this past year's intensity to come soon. In the meantime, find me on Facebook as the fastest way of keeping updated.



Saturday June 5th 2010

111 Minna SF

Farmer's Block The Farmers Block is a gathering fusing local farmers and health foods with local artists and musicians for an all inclusive market unique to San Francisco. All community based and supported.

To those who are updated via this website..
My most recent images and details can be found via my Facebook, and Twitter.
Q: Are you fast Twitter tongues able to fill up the 1000 words required per image?

Currently in the not-so liberal but very beautiful Arizona.
Videos of digital light painting projections on the desert landscape soon.

More Genie and the Genie Lamp videos soon to come.

Much love from Arizona.



For those of you out of town or overseas:

I will be Broadcasting LIVE on
via O.U.R. Studio performance tomorrow night..
Tomorrow night around 9 pm..

note: This will be the first time I will be providing an online look to those who aren't with, but who want to see me in action.
Will send out another reminder via twitter and fb before it starts..



GENIE LAMP: Ed Hsu paints Genie and Me'like from Michaelangelo on Vimeo.



Pictures from Sea of Dreams are up!



Thanks to all those who saw me perform at NYE 2010 Sea of Dreams in the Silent Disco room on glowing Jellyfish!.. Pictures and videos to come from this sight and sound extravaganza.


SF Concourse Exhibition Center
8th and Brannon St
San Francisco, CA

What a great way to bring in the New Years. Thank you to all my fans that have supported me through this past year of discovery! This new year holds some great potential and more exciting projects to come.



THIS SUNDAY 12/20/09 - Galaxy Theatre
holiday party/showcase at Big Cactus Studios - all ages, $5
''Awesome performances, visuals, food, live-painting, dancing, and splendid vibes!''
Come see a recent production that includes my light painting, awesome scratch guitarist The Genie, and dancer Melike Konour.
I will be building and digitally light painting onto a special Genie lamp installation that some of you may have seen at the recent Thumpsgiving celebration.
This will be a very casual affair with live music and fun visuals. Some other Music performances will include Boassasaurus and David Satori.

Location: Big Cactus Studios at the corner of Grace and Lowell in Emeryville, if you're driving from SF head on the 80 toward berkeley get off at Powell, go straight up once you hit San Pablo keep going straight and it'll become Stanford, you make a right at Lowell which should be just a few streets up and immediate left on Grace, you'll see a fenced area with a huge Cactus inside if you get lost you can call Genie at 415 374 0640


Edi Hsu - Artumnal @ Bently Reserve from Michaelangelo on Vimeo.

Artumnal Gathering - Black Rock Arts Foundation
"From a Seed to Blossom" - 11/20/09
Medium: Light & Cornel Painter 11
Model: Lyric Wilson. Video: Michaelangelo


Friday November 20th 2009 Showcasing at the Artumnal Gathering hosted by Black Rock Arts Foundation

The Bently Reserve
400 Sansome St.
San Francisco, CA 94111

''The Black Rock Arts Foundation invites you to the grandest annual celebration of our community's vital spirit and extraordinary artists. Once again, we gather in the majestic Bently Reserve to revel in support of BRAF's mission to inspire art, community and civic participation worldwide.

Enter into an enchanted world of abundant art, captivating entertainment, and tempting libations. Participate in interactive art experiences created by community visionaries. Be the art!

Join us for our pre-event dinner for delightful fare, cocktails and auction.

Last year's event sold out. Don't miss out this year!''





Some new LIGHT PAINTING VIDEOS posted of Mindshare LA.


LA Mindshare
Performing this Thursday night for Mindshare in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. Showcasing a special mobile lightpainting setup and music by DeeJayRo


Edi Hsu, Burning Man: Evolution from Michaelangelo on Vimeo.

Check out a new video documenting one of my nights at Burning Man 2009 - Evolution ... video by Michaelangelo Daemontage


Debuting my light painting performance in NYC this Wednesday September 30th

There will be some great guest speakers including Scott "Spot" Draves (website), inventor of Electric Sheep
I'm elated at the opportunity and I welcome you all out to check out a fun new medium...


LIGHT PAINTING VIDEOS Check out the new videos in my Light Painting section!..
Updated ALL NEW Light Painting Section!
Attending Art Lab Weekly Workshop in NYC, organized by Marc Scheff and Kristin Fisher


Updated site version debuts today! Everything is completed except some performance footage and descriptive content which we're still organizing under the Light Painting section. Also finishing up the events section, so bear with us as those buttons are inactive at the moment. Please let me know how you like the new galleries and revised format...

My new Light Painting section is finally almost fully completed. Apologies for the delay - we've been revising the gallery to accommodate these new digital pieces and ended up rebuilding them from the ground up! I also just returned from an expolratory trip to Oregon and Seattle, WA and made some good connections up there to expand my scope of artistic influence.



Performing at Project One Gallery this Friday June 5th!..



Performance at Project One Gallery Friday May 8th was a huge success!
Video documentation of this event coming soon. A sneak peak.

Thanks Laura Weyl for the documention of the live digital painting on Saraphina:

Ed Paints Sarafina- Experimental Digital Painting from MEtaVision on Vimeo.

Much thanks to Lucaso for the documentation of the live painting at Catalyst Studio: AuraL:

Ed Hsu at Catalyst Studios SF from lucaso media on Vimeo.

Next performance will be with Catalyst SF this Saturday May 16th. Information: Lucaso Media
I will be doing a light painting performance on live mudra dancers. Chor Boogie will also be live painting.
Come check it out!

The next version of coming soon. Light Painting section in development..



Performing at Alchemy April 25th at the SF Design Center from 9pm - 2am. Combining with other artists to create a mural of traditional and digital mediums.

Thanks to Laura Weyl for posting our live digital painting experiment! Light Painting Video 1 and Light Painting Video 2

Thunderground May 8th at Project One: Live model, Live digital painting.


Thanks to all those who attended the Thunderground masquerade and saw me perform live digital painting. With the success of this installation performance, I'm looking forward to creating more Murals of Light in the future. Those who have good photo or video documentation, please contact me at
"Live Digital Mural Painting onto Installation" :: Using a digital paintbrush, laptop, and projector, I am creating murals that visually evolve in relation to the mood/music/density of people in the space.


March 21st 2009: Mad heArt Masquerade: A one night group show of SF artists and DJs put together by Thunderground..
I will be performing LIVE digital painting on group installation art! The event is free with participation! (wear a mask) .. Party on from 8pm to 1am, but come early cuz my performance will be at the beginning. See all of you there!


April: "Rebirth" will be showing at C.A.V.E. Gallery in Venice,CA for their Pieces of the Puzzle show. Opening reception is April 3rd, so those of you in LA you should come on out!

Roadtrip to LA!

Currently showing pieces from the Mandala Series at 1AM Gallery in San Francisco.
New series will be shown at 1AM Gallery this summer!

Illustrating for author Lily Black.

Currently working on a new unnamed series with exclusively oil and digital paint on surfaces like aluminum and translucent film. Pieces are in the shape of mandalas.
If you have confusion about what digital painting is, please check out updated info page, or ask! Come back soon for new updates.

Just updated the Mind's Eye section with 10 newest works featured at the solo show.

I have a solo show beginning January 15th at A Bon Port in San Francisco. Opening reception starts at 7PM and goes until midnight. This exhibition will be a photo/digital/oil mixed media presentation of brand new pieces from the Mind's Eye series. Please stop by, say hello, and check out my latest work! Once again, A Bon Port is located at 476 Castro, between 18th St. and Market. Hope you can make it!

The current contact form will serve as the official registration interface. So, please either fill it out or else email me to join so you can get timely updates on my newest works, announcements, upcoming events and other pertinent information. Thanks!

New pics of finished work from the 4Roads show are up in the Mind's Eye section. Mailing list and contact form coming soon. It appears the Lightbox galleries do work on an iPhone, but don't render perfectly because of no iframes support. Did we mention how fun it is trying to design a website for all platforms, including mobile browsing?

Gallery scripts updated again. This time it's been converted to Lightbox...much more elegant than the previous PHP version. New images have also been added to both the Mind's Eye and Mandala Series sections.

4Roads Gallery Showing
I have a group show starting on the 18th of this month at A Bon Port in San Francisco. The opening reception is that night from 7PM - midnight. My work will be featured along with three other talented artists, Joshua Clements, Dustin Olson and Chris Kelley. Please note that A Bon Port resides at 476 Castro, between 18th St. and Market. Hope to see you there! The show runs thru Jan. 15, so stop by whenever if you can't make the opening...

We've decided to upgrade the galleries to a PHP script which makes them viewable on the iPhone. Same pics, just with differently rendered thumbnails plus full image popups.

The galleries are now up and functioning.

Welcome to my portfolio site alpha version! Please bear with us as we're currently migrating existing content over into this new template. Soon we'll have all the galleries populated along with my bio and contact info. Right now I'm in Los Angeles promoting a show and will be back in the Bay Area soon. In the meantime, please visit the
old site for details on me and my art.